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Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems Leicester

Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) Sensor Valve Service and Replacement

TPMS checks tyre pressures every few seconds with the help of tyre sensors put in all the four tyres then alerts you as the vehicle driver with either a graphic or audible warning whenever the tyre temperature level or pressure changes.

The good advantage of having of well-maintained TPMS is that it is going to see to it that all your tyres continue to be at their optimum when it comes to pressure and this will, in turn, prolong their life and efficiency.

Also, having this system furnished in your automobile enhances your safety because it checks the tyre pressure constantly therefore lessening the possibility of a blowout or car accidents arising from inaccurate tyre pressure. Not to mention the cost savings you are going to make because proper tyre pressure optimizes tyre life and helps to boost gas efficiency.

Our customers come from many local areas including: Westcotes, Spinney Hills, North Evington, Belgrave, Stoneygate, Knighton, Evington, Aylestone, Rushey Mead, Beaumont Leys

MOT Tests for TPMS

MOT tests are necessary for all brand-new vehicles registered from 1st January 2012 and furnished with TPMS. If your car matches this category and TPMS is not in a proper functioning condition, possibilities of you failing the MOT test are high.


For that reason, this system requires to be serviced on a regular basis in order to avoid the probability of faults developing. TPMS sensor problems are inevitable, and the most popular that we handle at our centres periodically is battery failure. Travelling a lot more miles depletes your battery faster. One more issue is rust, which mainly affects the TPMS sensor stems. Keep in mind that, they are exposed to weather factors and often tend to come in contact with just about every little thing the roads aim at them.

Why Fit Your Leicester Automobile With TPMS?

Although your automobile can work without it, the reason for having this system {fixed in your automobile is for the motorist to get a notification when tyre pressure changes. Motor vehicle and tyre manufacturers effectively advise that you do this on a regular basis.

You can do it manually, but remember that that takes a lot of effort and time that you can save with the help of this system. Plus, TPMS is a whole lot faster and exact in spotting complications.

As we mentioned earlier, blowouts and crashes arising from tyre pressure changes are fairly usual and avoiding them entirely begins with you having a TPMS fitted to your car.

That aside, inaccurately inflated tyres often tend to wear out unevenly and for that reason will have to be replaced faster than anticipated. But if they are inflated properly, you can eliminate all these unnecessary expenses.

Correct tyre pressure also plays a role in enhancing gas performance. If they are underinflated, more tread will be coming into contact with the ground causing friction/rolling resistance, which means more power is going to be required to push your automobile onward. Plus, you’ll be releasing more carbon right into the environment therefore adding majorly towards air pollution.

All these factors clearly show why it’s very crucial to keep proper tyre pressure and that’s where the TPMS helps.

Let’s face it, dont we all want our family members, passengers, and also ourselves to be safe when traveling?And our motor vehicles to be much more steady, with fantastic handling and braking efficiency?

If you do, don’t hesitate to book a visit to our facility in Leicester and allow us fit your automobile with TPMS or take good care of it.

First Class Customer Service

We believe that our success stems from taking care of our customers. We try to be as client friendly as possible, from free price quotes to free professional advice. We understand just how inconvenient it may be when your car or business vehicle is having technical problems and we always do our absolute best to eliminate the anxiety and stress and take charge of the issue.

The next occasion you need assistance with your car or van, feel free to give us a call and try out our first-rate professional service.