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Car Servicing In Leicester

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A regular car service maintains your vehicle operating efficiently and also serves as an early precaution for any potential technical problems you may have. What’s more, possessing a recorded Service record can seriously improve the secondhand market value as potential purchasers will understand that the car has been generally well maintained.

Our mechanics are experienced in every element of vehicle upkeep. You can count on us to always keep your car in tip top shape at all times.

Vehicle Servicing

Throughout the years, we’ve been eager to do every little thing possible to keep your car running expenses affordable, a feat our team has accomplished via routine car servicing and maintenance. Along with maintaining your car efficiency at its optimum, normal car service will help to keep you safer on the road. Important safety and security locations that we focus on consist of:

  • Brake.
  • Steering.
  • Suspension.
  • Tyres.

A failure or breakdown of any one of these elements could become a irritating experience, but we are committed to making sure that never ever happens to you and your car.

You, along with your family members, first deserve to be safe on the road, which is an even more engaging reason for you to have your car serviced regularly. Other benefits that could occur out of this undertaking are a growth in your car’s resale value, far better gas economy, and decreased danger of a malfunction.

In brief, here are the benefits of having your car go through normal servicing:

  • Optimum automobile efficiency.
  • Boosted gas economy.
  • Much better car safety and security.
  • Minimised danger of malfunctions, break downs and unneeded costs.

Our Leicester Services

We take satisfaction in having professional car solutions that deal with a long selection of brands. Over 30 years later, this is among the many excellent objectives our team has accomplished. In addition, we’ve gotten valuable motor trade experience by offering not just professional but also customer-friendly car repair work solutions made to meet your particular needs as our client.

MOT prep work and comprehensive engine diagnostics are a few of the specialties we continue to stand out in since we’ve provided nothing less than premium solutions. All these successes can be attributed to:

  • Very experienced technicians.
  • Excellent quality workmanship.
  • Custom-made, friendly, and trustworthy solutions.
  • Using real car parts and top-grade oil.
  • Quick turnaround, including same-day services.
  • Completely guaranteed work.
  • Reasonably cost effective costs.

Most of all, we service and repair all car makes and models, and only make use of real replacement parts and top-grade high quality oils, giving you great value for your money.

Not servicing your car is a path that could see you wreck your car so quickly and part with significant sums of money on repair work. We therefore, urge you to take your car for servicing regularly and to a trustworthy and skilled expert.

Take Note of the Dealership Myth

Some car dealerships will insist that your new car be serviced only at their service facilities. That’s not fair at all. Anti-competition legislations offer independent garages unrestricted access to the exact same technological information car companies and dealerships have.

What’s more, independent garages, like ours, have a tendency to be more cost effective than franchised dealers yet we only make use of original equipment and guaranteed service parts.

When Should I Service My Vehicle?

The rule of thumb is cars need to be taken for servicing after every 10,000 miles or yearly- whichever comes first. However, car makers and even the car themselves usually tend to have different dates.

For instance, some advise that you carry out a major service every two years and have smaller services performed in between. You can find such information on your car manual.

That aside, if your car has been around for some time, you may need to service it regularly- particularly the tyres, oil, brakes, and relevant elements. It would certainly be fantastic if you asked a mechanic to inspect such elements regularly as this is the most ideal means to keep your car safe and healthy.

Such checks may even be carried out efficiently in between your major services, at an intermittent service.

What Happens When I Avoid Routine Service Of My Vehicle In Leicester?

We recognise that when your budget is tight, you may be tempted to avoid your routine car servicing. However, note that such a decision could set you up for much greater costs in the future, particularly if you intend to continue using your car.

Remember, routine checks and maintenance help the car to run well and work at its best and so, when that’s not carried out, your car becomes a lot more susceptible to breakdowns.

Take the case of a diesel particulate filter or the engine. If either of them stops working as a result of absence of servicing, a replacement could set you back hundreds or thousands of pounds.

One more such essential element is the timing belt. Throughout your normal maintenance, it must be changed. If you fail to do so and it, later on, malfunctions, your costs will be much greater than what you would have paid during your routine maintenance.

That aside, you’ll be placing yourself, your family members, and other road users in danger when your car isn’t serviced.

Make the decision now. Assist your car serve you well and last longer. That way, you and your family members will have a safe and smooth life on the road.

Do not fail to remember that it’s not a must to return your car to your main dealer for service. We are right here in the Leicester area to offer a more affordable and equally great experience.

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First Rate Customer Service

We believe that our success stems from caring for our customers. We strive to be as client friendly as possible, from totally free estimates to free advice. We know how difficult it may be when your car or business transport is having technical issues and we consistently do our absolute best to eliminate the stress and anxiety and deal with the issue.

The next time you need help with your car or truck, please give us a call and try out our first class service.