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Brake Repairs In Leicester

Regardless of the brand or version of your automobile, our crew are properly-trained and outfitted to overhaul, repair, and fix its brakes. Part of what our team do includes checking and changing brake shoes and brake pads and fixing top-grade components from trustworthy brand names such as Frodo, Bosch, and Girling.

Whenever we replace parts on any breaking systems, we put top priority on utilising replacement components of exceptional quality. Usually, our professional technicians thoroughly take a look at crucial procedures before all else. Some of them include:

What Makes Our Specialists In Leicester Unique?

All throughout the years, we’ve held on to our commitment to use quality components and give professional, detailed servicing and repairs complete with customer-friendly solutions. As a regional family run garage, trust our team to care for you and your automobile properly since that’s what our team does.

Your consent matters a lot to us and that’s why we’ll not carry out any type of task without first asking for your authorisation.

Unlike primary dealerships, we continue to make our solutions considerably less costly while holding on to quality craftsmanship and procedures that meet the highest possible standards.

How To Know Your Brakes Need Servicing

As a driver, you need to be so alert, especially at the warnings that appear to indicate abnormalities in your braking system. Here are some of the most popular signs:

Squealing or Grinding

Grinding brakes are normally a sign that your brake pads are severely used and need to be changed as soon as possible. Not taking immediate action introduces your brake disc to damages, and this could lead to you paying much greater costs. Thankfully for you, you can avoid all these events completely simply by having your brakes inspected regularly.

Pulsating Brake Pedal

Listen in for any unusual pulsating feelings each time you use brakes. As quickly as you sense it, and notice that it's a bit weird, that could be a sign that your automobile's brake disc is acquiring heat and has most probably warped. The pulsation develops out of the fact the disc is distorted i.e. no longer fully level, hence it disrupts the interaction between it and the brake pads.

Soft or Springy Brakes

As soon as you start to see a specific gentleness or sponginess in a brake pedal, that's a clear indicator that servicing has to be done. Usually, that occurs whenever the brake fluid becomes ineffective. The causes for that are many, typical ones being that air might have sneaked right into the brake lines, the fluid needs to be changed, or the master cylinder is damaged.

Old Brake Fluid

You might be tempted to assume that provided the brakes appear to be working well, then there's no need to change the brake fluid. However, you could be wrong. As a matter of fact, the unwritten rule is that the fluid has to be replaced at least every two years. Once it goes beyond this period, its performance decreases. It will start to soak up moisture and this could endanger the performance of the braking system.

Warning lights On

Whenever that feared dashboard warning light turns on, it implies that it's time to act. Brake warning lights, for example, suggest that the brake fluid is low to a hasardous level. Another possible anomaly could be a leak in your brake hoses. Of course, there are various other issues that set off the brake caution light. Please listen to this kind of warnings (that light coming on or remaining on permanently) whenever you press the pedal.

Tires Pulling Sideways

Whenever you step on the brake pedal, the anticipated normal outcome is that your automobile ought to grind to a halt and be in a straight line. However, in case that fails to occur, say, it pulls to the right or left the minute you use the brakes, that could be a sign of an underlying trouble. Have an experienced auto mechanic do a check to figure out the trouble.

A High Handbrake

Note the regular adjusting height of your handbrake. If it pulls up higher than its normal setting, it implies that a change has to be done. For any modern-day automobile, that unusual adjustment could be anything beyond 6-8 clicks. Keep in mind that your handbrake has to constantly reach the end of its course. In case it does not, it might fail the MOT.

Clearly, your brakes and clutches have to be checked out at least each year. Wehave indeed watched how this has assisted to prevent much more pricey repairs.

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First Class Customer Service

We believe that our success stems from caring for our clients. Our team strive to become as client friendly as possible, from free estimates to free professional advice. We understand just how difficult it can be when your car and truck or business transport is experiencing mechanical issues and we always do our best to get rid of the anxiety and stress and take charge of the issue.

The next time you need help with your car or truck, please contact us and try out our first-rate service.